Chat Rules:

.No cussing

Words such as "Crap" and "hell" are allowed. Other words are not allowed. You will be warned twice and then get kicked. If you are warned again, you will be banned.

.No spamming.

which can be defined as excessive posting of the same message multiple times, or posting numerous messages of gibberish with no legitimate meaning.

.English only

Please do not speak in other languages that no one can understand. English only.

.Respect the mods and admins

If a mod or admin tells you to stop doing something, then stop doing it. Do not talk back to a mod or admin, just listen.

.Use appropriate language

Do not talk about Sex or do not post links with body parts of the female or male. If this happens, you will be banned immediately with no warning.

Also, do not post links with cussing or bad language. If this happens, you will be kicked immediately.

.Do not fight or argue

No fighting with other Wiki's. If this happens, both will be warned twice and then kicked if they do so again. If they do it again, they will be banned.


Mods or Admins cant do anything about Personal Messages. If someone harrasses you in PM, just block the person. A mod or admin cannot do anything about personal messages.

.Do not use uppercase excessively

.Do not post ASCII artwork. (considered a spam.)

.Please speak in sentences that people can understand.